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Puppy Sales Contract

  This is the text of the current sales contract. The actual document will have spaces for the buyers information, dog description and lineage etc. This is meant to serve an example only and the actual document may be different. We reserve the right to make any changes we deem necessary without notice. Please contact us for more information.

Pet Quality and Health Guarantee

Your new puppy is a healthy specimen of its breed. However, puppies are born with certain parasites and protozoa. Seller has treated the puppy for worms but sometimes stress can trigger a bout with other parasites or protozoa. If, within 48 hours of the date of receipt of the puppy, you believe the dog to be sick, you agree to return it to the seller for treatment.

I will either refund the purchase price or return the dog after it has been treated and has been deemed to be well. I encourage you to take the dog to a veterinarian for a well check and to begin its vaccination/worming regimen. Your puppies last worming was _______________(date). You will be responsible for the veterinarians fees. Under no circumstance will I accept responsibility  for the costs of vet care after you receive your puppy.

Seller warrants that your new puppy is free of life threatening diseases or disabilities for 14 days from your date of possession. Should a life threatening disease or disability be discovered and attested to by a licensed veterinarian, seller will take the puppy back for a replacement puppy when one becomes available. Seller reserves the right to obtain a second opinion before the return policy is activated.

When introduced into a new environment, dogs sometimes behave unusually and are inclined to shyness and inactivity. In some cases, they may refuse food to which they are accustomed. Your care and attention will aid in overcoming this and the dog will soon adapt to its new environment and to you as their new master. If you feel their is a more serious health issue, call me immediately at (760) 743-1075.

AKC Registration

This dog is being sold as a pet/companion with limited AKC registration. This means that your new puppy is not to be bred. Buyer accepts responsibility for having the dog spayed or neutered at the appropriate time (usually before they are 6 months of age) and to assure that no opportunity arises for the puppy to sire or whelp a litter. Registration papers will be withheld until such time as proof of spay or neuter is provided.

The buyer understands and agrees that in naming this puppy, the name "Pomania" will constitute the first seven letters of its registration name.

Future Circumstances

The buyer agrees that at any future time he/she feels this dog is no longer a fit in with the family, lifestyle, etc., they will return the dog to me for a loving placement. Under NO circumstances is this dog to be surrendered to an animal control facility, an experimental laboratory or to any person that acquires animals for the purpose of experimentation. The Buyer also agrees not to dump this dog anywhere nor place it elsewhere themselves.

Special Remarks

My goal at Pomania is to breed dogs of the highest quality. This means that any puppies I sell will be healthy, sound and well tempered companions for families and individuals who provide a loving environment.

Pomeranians change dramatically during the maturation process and, consequently, no guarantees are implied as to this dogs physical characteristics (color, size, etc.) at maturity. Since I am working to improve my breeding program, I would like to track the progress of the puppies I sell. I would appreciate keeping in contact with the Buyer through cards, photos, email and conversation with all my Buyers.

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