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When I decided to found Pomania, it was with the intention of breeding my own show dogs. I had looked far and wide for quality dogs and puppies to purchase, but most people that are in the "show game" ("the fancy", as it's often referred to) don't want to sell their show prospects to unproven newcomers. I decided to buy my own stock and start a program to breed my own show dogs.

The only part of having a breeding program that I don't like is having to part with any of the puppies. They are all so adorable and you fall in love with every one of them! I perform an evaluation of my puppies between their 8th to 12th week. During this time it is possible to generally determine how well a puppy conforms to the AKC Pomeranian Standard. This standard supplies the criteria by which show judges award championship points. Certain characteristics within the standard are considered BEST -  3 1/2 to 4 1/2 pound range, very small ears, short back, correct coat, high tailset, correct scissor bite, almond shaped eyes etc.

Most Pom puppies will generally conform to the AKC standard, and will make excellent companions/pets. A puppy whose conformation falls into the BEST category would be considered a show prospect...with proper training, these puppies could become champions in the show ring. Prices for puppies will vary depending on ancestry and conformation. Pomeranian puppies go through what is generally known as the "puppy uglies" somewhere between their 4th and 6th months. They lose their soft puppy coat and grow an adult coat that more precisely meets the AKC Standard. During the ugly stage, the puppy is like a gangly teenager - long legs, bad hair, teeth coming and going, testing type adolescent behaviors, etc. This is when many new Pom owners wonder what ever happened to the cute ball of fur they paid so much money for! The "uglies" stage doesn't last more than a few months...your Pom puppy will soon acquire a more mature proportion and coat and become the beautiful dog you expected.

When inquiring about puppy availability, please provide some information about yourself. It is very important to me that my puppies are placed with compatible owners. To help you make the right decision about the kind of dog you adopt, it is useful to know about you...why you want a Pom, what your lifestyle is like, how much time do you have to devote to a puppy, other family members, etc. Because Poms are very much like children in terms of their personalities, we would like to find the puppy that will be a perfect fit for you. Some puppies are very energetic, others are laid back, some are talkers, others are quiet...well you get the picture!

I require a Puppy Sales Contract when I sell my puppies that not only assures you that it will be healthy and a quality dog, but assures me that it's future will be safe and happy. If you have any questions, please contact me by using the contact form or call me directly at (760) 743-1075.

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