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About Pomania Pomeranians

Pomania Pomeranians The Pomeranian breed descended from the much larger sled-hauling dogs of the Arctic countries of Iceland and Lapland. When the first specimens were brought to England from the German province of Pomerania, they were larger (up to 30 pounds), usually white and less profusely coated than our modern specimens. Litters often included smaller pups, and soon the smallest of the species were preferred. In 1888 Queen Victoria fell in love with the breed and exhibited Poms extensively at British shows. Hers were generally in the 12-18 pound range, which is very large by modern standards.
The Queen's beautiful Poms encouraged an upsurge of interest throughout England in the "spitzdogs", as they were called then. British breeders systematically bred the Pom for smaller and smaller size, and more and more coat. Although they were eventually named for their homeland, they are considered to be an English breed because their modern form was developed in Britain. The Pomeranian came to North America around the turn of the 20th century and quickly gained popularity here as well. They were recognized by the AKC in 1900.


The Pomeranian is a beloved companion dog throughout the world. The average weight of the Pomeranian is from 3 to 7 pounds, with the ideal weight for a show specimen being 4 to 6 pounds. Pomeranians are sturdy and robust little dogs. They exhibit great intelligence in their expression, docility in their disposition, and activity and buoyancy in their deportment. Their tremendous vivacity and spirit is one of the characteristics of the breed. Pomeranians have the alert, active, and curious character of their larger brethren, are useful alarm dogs and are accurate obedience dogs. They are clean and easy to train and make delightful pets. A small house and yard is sufficient, as they do not require much exercise. Their double coat comes in a variety of glowing colors. Regular grooming (weekly brushing and monthly nail trims) will keep Poms neat. Despite its diminutive size, the breed retains the spitz personality.

The petite Pomeranian is somewhat of a busybody, being ultra inquisitive and self important. The breed is "full of itself" and likes nothing better than to "strut its stuff" in a show ring or on a neighborhood walk. They cannot bear to be left out of any fun and games, and they thrive on human companionship. Pomeranians are best suited to adult households, but make wonderful playmates for children who are old enough to be considerate of their tiny stature. Their easy care, beauty and diminutive size make them ideal companions to the elderly as well. They adore their creature comforts and enjoy the pampered life to the fullest!


GENERAL APPEARANCE: The tail is set high and lies flat on his back. He is alert, has an intelligent expression and a bouyant deportment.
SIZE & WEIGHT: 3-7 pounds with ideal weight of 4-6 pounds. The distance from the point of the shoulder to the joint of the buttocks is slightly shorter than from the highest point of the withers to the ground. The distance from the brisket to the ground is half the height at the withers. The length of his legs is in proportion to a well balanced frame. He feels sturdy.
HEAD: The muzzle is straight, short, fine, free of lippiness and is never snipy. The fontanel is closed. The top of the skull is slightly rounded but not domed. He has small ears which are high on the head and are carried erect. The teeth meet in a scissors bite.
NECK & BODY: The neck is short with the base set well into the shoulders to allow the head to be carried high. The back is short with a level top line. The brisket reaches the elbow.
FOREQUARTERS: The length of the upper arm and shoulder blade are equal. The forelegs are straight and parallel. The height from the withers to the elbow approximately equals the height from the ground to the elbow. The pasterns are straight and strong. He stands well up on his toes. Dewclaws may be removed.
HINDQUARTERS: The buttocks are well behind the rest of the tail. The stifles are moderately bent and clearly defined. The hocks are perpendicular to the ground and the legs are straight and parallel to each other.
GAIT: The gait is smooth, free, balanced and vigorous. He has good reach in his forequarters and strong drive in his hindquarters. The legs converge slightly inward toward the center line beneath his body. The front legs are thrown neither in nor out and the topline remains level.
       Undercoat is soft and dense.
       Outer coat is long, straight, glistening and harsh in texture.
COLOR: All colors, patterns and variations thereof are allowed.
EYES: Dark, bright, medium in size and almond shaped.
GROUP: Northern

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